It has been several weeks, a month in fact, since I have put pen to page(or fingers to keys) and shared any thoughts.  So here it goes.

An “elf” left a devotional reading in my church mailbox today.  The scripture reference was Ecclesiastes 6:9.  It says, “What the eyes see is better than what the soul desires.  This too is futility and a striving after wind.”  Basically saying to enjoy present good rather than longing for something possibly better in the future.

The devotional went on to talk about the fact that we live in a world that offers us the world.  Megabyte speeds, high definition, wireless, online everything from shopping to relationships, at the touch of a button.  Yet we are hungry.  We are lonely.  There is an emptiness that pervades our culture and a dullness that seems to remind us that we have lost something of life.  Have God and his satisfying power been eclipsed by all this glitz and convenience?  After all, as a man, I can salvage much of my pride with my GPS because I never have to ask for directions again!!

“Here we are in the most fantastic fun and games factory ever invented — modern technological society — and we are bored.  Medieval people by comparison were like peasants in toy-less hovels — and they were fascinated.”  When was the last time you had an occasion that struck you with awe and wonder?  Have we become so dulled and wowed by our culture that the things of God just make us yawn?  When the sky rolls back like a scroll and the trumpet sounds will we just give a casual glance and comment half-heartedly about some “neat special effects.”

The birth of the Christ child is the fulcrum upon which all of history operates.  I sometimes forget this awe-inspiring fact.  No single arrival of life has had such a lasting effect on the entire spectrum of civilization as did the arrival of Jesus in Bethlehem that night in a stable.  My goal this Christmas is to look at these events from all the different personal perspectives.  The reason being, I think the story has become just that…a story.  Familiar plot, characters, etc.  This allows me to gloss over the important things that need to be thought about.  Character thoughts and feelings.  What if that were me?  You know, things you think about when you really like a book you are reading and have trouble putting it down.

To be continued…




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