What are you wearing?

“You’re going to wear that?”

Justin.s.Shoes_These are words heard by every husband or boyfriend at one time or another, when involved in a relationship.  The concern of he well-meaning spouse or girlfriend who feels that what HE is wearing is somehow a reflection of HER own fashion prowess.  That the worn our flannel with fraying sleeves, sloppy collar, and maybe a button or two remaining, is somehow related to everything that SHE has learned about looking presentable.  The house shoes that have holes in the bottom, are coming apart at the seams, but have just the right contour to fit his bunions, somehow are not allowed to be worn when company is over?

We chuckle.  Fashion is one of those areas of constant change.  We all have comfy clothes that we consider our “Saturday best.”  The sweatshirt, flannel pants, socks with holes, whatever it might be, we are comfortable in them.  Sometimes I think it is because, like us, it has been through some things.  The time when I was younger when the baby threw up all over it.  The time I wore it out to move the car and then tried to wear it to bed!  🙂  The all night prayer meeting in the living room, when I wasn’t sure if my child was coming home, it was there.  Maybe the knees of the flannel pants are worn out from praying for children and family.  Maybe the sleeves of the sweatshirt are salt stained with the tears of being tired of him not understanding how you feel, and you have wiped the hopelessness aways so many times….

What do you wear when it comes to spiritual fashion?  Are you worn out from wearing the rags of selfishness or anger?  Do you have the great looking (on the surface) suit of pride?  Are you wearing the casual hoodie of apathy?  Do you let the problem of the day that makes its way into your brain as soon as the alarm goes off be your “outfit” for the day?

I have never been much of a fashion consultant, but I do have a spiritual fashion statement to make.

“And all who have been united with Christ in baptism have put on Christ,                                     like putting on new clothes.” (Galatians 3:27)

God has a graciously terrible memory.  The fact that we have been united with Christ            (repented, asked Jesus to forgive us our sins, and in pursuit of a growing relationship with him) allows us to approach God.  Not in the mismatched garments of our human nature, but in the heavenly fashionable robes of the Savior.  When we approach the father in prayer, he sees Jesus.  We have put on Christ.  We are always in style.

Have you put Him on lately?  Or is he gathering dust with the old suit in the back of the closet?  Go ahead.  Try it on.  I guarantee you He will fit.

In all my years, when I have worked to “put on” Christ, I have never heard God say,

“You’re going to wear that?”


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